Love of Design

Hello, I'm Kimberly McGinnis

 I come from a family of artsy designer types; we were always making something.  Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the child of artists, creativity was all around me.   My younger years were spent trying to be Dorothy Hamill, but a career as an Artist was always my dream.  I enjoy working in various mediums and have always loved the beautiful & functional applications of handmade ceramics.  Tile Dots brings it all together and allows me to live that dream.  

Handmade Quality

 Although my formal training focused on graphic design, which exposed me to a wide variety techniques and applications, it has been my informal training and experiences that have influenced me the most.  Our move from the Bay Area to Eastern North Carolina offered an opportunity to expand on our love of architecture and renovating.  Interior design eventually became my primary focus, while simultaneously “flipping” houses.  I was always looking for unique kitchen and bath products, so creating my own seemed like the natural thing to do.  While gathering pieces for our projects, my work caught the attention of our local tile store, and soon after I was producing it for others. 


 My family pitches in frequently to keep things moving on schedule.  They are equally as creative in their own endeavors and I rely on their entrepreneurial insight.

I get to spend most of my time in my studio doing what I love to do, every artist should be so lucky.  I have years of design/construction/installation knowledge to draw from, I hope you will see that experience reflected in my attention to detail and strange need for symmetry. 

I am proud to say that I now have several retailers who would love to help you design with Tile Dots.  Their talented designers have a wealth of experience and a wide selection of complimentary materials to create your unique Tile Dots project.